Wednesday, May 3, 2017

On Hiatus...

Hi Everyone!

So sorry to leave everyone hanging. My Sexy Saturday will be on hiatus until June 1, 2017 with our return date being June 3, 2017.

Now, I don’t want anyone to think I don’t want to do this or my writing life has become too busy or anything like that. Yes, my writing life is very busy but this form of sharing doesn’t take much of my time, so I never mind helping out other authors with marketing.

However, what does take time is health issues. No, I am not ill but my husband is even though if you saw him, you’d never know it. If you follow me on Facebook, you can see my updates. Basically, he was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer in January 2017. Due to where we live, his oncologist suggested we go outside the state for his liver surgery. We came to California where we have family as we knew there were tons of great doctors here.

Right now, his surgery is scheduled for Friday and his prognosis is 100% cancer free after the surgery and remaining chemo treatments.

This has been the only reason I’ve not been participating in My Sexy Saturday as much as I used too. Since this is a one woman show, when that woman is busy or has life issues, something gives. Unfortunately, it was My Sexy Saturday.

But like I said, never fear, My Sexy Saturday will be back and we’ll have more fun than ever! See you all in June!

Lynn Crain

My Sexy Saturday