Promo Ops for My Sexy Saturday Authors

Here are the current promotional opportunities for being part of My Sexy Saturday.

1 ~ One of the first things you might notice when you stop by the blog is all the book covers. If you have participated in the blog at least once, all you need to do is to send a copy of your latest cover to and it will be placed in one of the many available spots in the sidebars of the blog.

2 ~ Monthly listing of your FREE book at MSS ~ Author Central ( If you are a self-published author, and sometimes even with a traditional publisher, chances are your book will be free sometime during the year. When that happens, just place your book information in the Linky List for Free Books. You book will stay in the list only for the duration of the time when it is being offered free.

3 ~ If you have a Bargain book, meaning one that is listed for $2.99 or less, there is a quarterly list for you, again at MSS ~ Author Central ( This list does include books that are on sale. Please let us know via email ( just when your sale dates are if it doesn’t cover the whole quarter. Your Bargain book will be listed there for as long as it’s under the price point of $2.99. All you need to do is add it to the list each quarter as the quarters will rotate around again…meaning you’ll only have to add yourself once to each quarter then never again…unless the price goes above $2.99.

4 ~ If you have a special sale or event going on that you want to post here, just email us at and we’ll place your notice on the Author News and Happenings page at MSS ~ Author Central ( There you can announce a cover reveal, a blog hop, where your monthly appearances are going to be, or a new release. The list is presented alphabetically.

5 ~ Occasionally we will share other opportunities like community ads within emags like BTS emag ( which have some great promotional opportunities. These opportunities will be announced in our monthly newsletter that goes out to every author who has participated in the blog at least once in the month prior to the ad placement. Check out the copy below for our two ads in the 2015 July/August edition.

6 ~ Once a year, the top fifteen authors who have participated in the blog, meaning they have blogged the most number of times during the period between January 1 through December 31 of the current year, will be given the opportunity to be in a community ad at a substantial discount of 50% or more. This is to help promote the blog as much as the authors. Therefore, we feel it only right that we contribute the bulk of the financing at least once a year. The ads will happen during the first quarter of the subsequent year. For example, the community ad for 2014 will appear in the first quarter of 2015. This will only be offered to the authors who have participated most during the year.

Promotional Opportunities will be added as they become available. It is our aim to help authors keep promotional costs down while making sure they get maximum exposure for their books. Being an author can be hard and only word-of-mouth gets great books noticed. We want to help get the word out about you and your great stories.

My Sexy Saturday